What will take crab and squid

I’m trying to catch myself a smooth hound and went fishing yesterday and got some peeler crab and squid left. So today I’m going to a place that’s fished pretty poor recently and I’m going to be using the same bait. My question is… If there are no smooth hounds there, what other species will take these baits ? And should I stick with a pulley pennel rig incase there is a slither of chance of a smoothie. Or change to a two hook flapper, but this won’t produce big baits.


multiplier reel users quick poll

ive been told by many for more distance to use the reel down ! now ive been trying for a couple of weeks and if anything my casting has got shorter 124 yards measured

now ive been thinking about moving the reel back up as im sure I was casting further although ive never had a measured cast reel up

so the poll is reel up or down ??

and why you prefer your way would be nice to know also

thanks in advance

Shock Leader & Rigs ?

Do my Rig Bodies always have to match my Shock Leader ? Surely I could Fish with say an 80LB Shock Leader with a 60LB Rig matched with a 6oz weight ?

Shore skate marks

Hi, I remember a while back one of the magazines doing an article of catching large skate from shore. I’m not after monsters like the 200+ just caught but would like to take my 13 yr old son to try to catch a big one. Does anyone know where the magazine went, my wife ‘tidied’ my copies into…

Not Worth The Risk

Rod licence cheats blitzed by Environment Agency Environment Agency enforcement teams carried out more than 13,000 rod licence checks across England in May. Of the anglers checked for a valid licence, 965 were fishing illegally and could face a court appearance and a substantial fine. A recent…

Daiwa sandstorm

I’m thinking about purchasing a 13FT Sandstorm. A Multiplier version. SSS13M. Does anybody have any experience with this rod ? I was told it fails to achieve in respect to pendulum casting ? I’m seeking a new rod that would work well with a PENN Mag 2 / 515. Tight Lines !

boat hire southwest cornwall (st ives to helston)

Hello folks, as per title, Im looking to hire a day boat for a few hours or even a day somewhere around porthleven but can travel to st ives etc. Ive seen hire boat companies running out of Falmouth but I would rather find one closer to where Im based (on holiday) and cheaper too. So, if…

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