Feedback on Boat Yards – sportfisherman

So in the process of potentially purchasing a very special 36′ sportfishmern (at least to me). I would like to get your feedback that if you had a special sportfisherman (i.e. Rybo, Merritt, Viking, Cabo……sorry if I missed you special boat) and wanted to use a yard for work and storage between…

Simrad Autopilot Question

I’m looking at replacing my autopilot( Robertson AP 200) with a Simrad AP24 or AP28, anybody out there using one? Looking for the good, the bad, the ugly on either one. Thanks, Capt. Butch Bernetti 45′ Sportsman 30 years old this year!

have-a-smartphone-and-want-sonar Have a Smartphone and want Sonar?

Have a Smartphone and want Sonar?

Check this out I just saw they introduced Vexilar Sonar for your smartphone so if you have a little jon boat or a big boat and you want sonar but don’t want to mount expensive unit on your boat this would be your option. You mount your transducer plugs into a wifi box that needs power then it…

do-you-want-a-better-chart-and-you-have-a-lowrance Do you want a better Chart and you have a Lowrance?

Do you want a better Chart and you have a Lowrance?

There has been so many places that I wished had more detail on my chart screen at the river mouths going into the bay, ocean, and lakes. Well now you can do so while your fishing along you can record data on your Lowrance HDS of that area and upload it to Navionics Sonar Chart so your making a…

using-a-depth-highlight-range-on-your-chart Using a Depth Highlight Range on your Chart

Using a Depth Highlight Range on your Chart

I have used this feature on my Lowrance HDS unit to catch just about any fish. If you have a Navionics Card in a HDS you have this feature its the Depth Highlight Range if you’re catching fish between a certain depth you can plug it in the unit and your Navionics Chart will highlight that range in…

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