new-hardtop-and-console-build New Hardtop and Console Build

New Hardtop and Console Build

I got the itch for another project on my 1977 Fish Nautique Last winter. I modified the console forward section for appearance sake and some extra storage. That of course led into “while I’m at it ” I’ll build a fiberglass hardtop which then led into needing new pipe work to accommodate the new…

figuring out what you’ve spent

I have my back bay skiff for sale – there was a “discussion” over the boat ,discussion was,how it could possibly be that much ? isn’t it way overpriced ? being in the marine biz,i have a pretty good grasp of what things cost… I sat down and totaled it up : ever figure out what you’ve…

8′ to 10′ ???

“would go thru any sea had her out in 8-10 seas during the 08′ tuna bite off Chatham. She handled a following sea fine. The maintenance on the engine’s was tight but there was enough room to do anything you need” a 25′ boat in 8-10′ seas ?? I read this on another web site…where do these people…

Teaser Reels

Anyone have a recommendation for teaser reels? Manual looking to replace mine on the 45′ Sportsman. Thanks for looking, and Merry Christmas

Under water lights for a flats boat,

Jawz, what would you recommend for a scout costa 170 if I wanted to put a couple lights underwater for fishing at night? I saw somewhere you told someone what to buy for their boat, I just can’t remember where I saw it now. Thanks,

do-you-want-a-high-detailed-chart-fishing-in-the-florida-keys Do you want a high detailed chart fishing in the Florida Keys

Do you want a high detailed chart fishing in the Florida Keys

Navionics SonarChart data off of the Florida Keys is phenomenal you gain the latest recording out there which could help you catch fish along the break line. You have Navionics Nautical Charts on your left thats Navionics Data that comes standard with Gold or Platinum on the right is Navionics…

Sportfish hardtop for sale

Got a hardtop for sale off the 45′ Sportsman, drop down electronics box on electric ram, and built in teaser reels. If your interested it’s in Ft. Pierce. I’ll send photos to your email. Thanks for looking. Butch Bernetti

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