help with boat engine

Does anyone know how to take carbs out and cleaning them around Cardiff area haven’t a clue or a good place to it will pay if someone could help

Hole in my Hull

Hello folks I’m looking for advice on the safest way to repair my Hull, I’ve been grinding back the old floor and laying 2 layers of matt 300 & 450gm then replacing the old ribs with celotex capped with ply then 4x layers of 450gm matt over the top. Right then I came across a resin filled lump…

Advice please on repainting the deck of my Hardy

Decided to repaint the deck with International non-slip deck paint as the old paint is flaking off underfoot. Problem is it’s proving very hard to get back to the original gelcoat. Is there a good paint stripper that will do the job or do i have to plug away with the sander ? Also,is there…

Transom Mount Ducer. Which sealant ?

I’m due to fit a new transom mount transducer this Friday afternoon. I will be wanting to launch the boat on Saturday morning.
Can l use araldite 2pack instead of Sikaflex as the latter is an air drying sealer and might still be wet ? Or is there something else out there ??

Newbie needs help re : Pilot 590 power

I have been lurking at the back of this forum for a while now hoping to find some answers and maybe gain a little extra knowledge before diving right in and appearing too much of a clueless novice … so here goes. I have just purchased a Pilot 590 but, unfortunately the Yamaha 60HP engine it came…

135hp Explorer elite! This should shift some!!!! It is fun looking for a new boat (not this one), made an offer of 11k for one and holding off for full asking price…

Online parts ordering – anyone had problems with

Having a bad service moment from one of the biggest internet marine suppliers in the UK! On 15 July, I ordered some service items from ***** Marine. Postage stated 1 to 2 days so I should have received it by the Thursday which I never. To date (dinner time today) I still hadn’t received the order so rang them. Spoke to a rather stressed young lady who stated that my order will be with me tomorrow. Now that is great news you might think. But actually, I am of the opinion that this particular company are extremely busy and are taking orders that they cannot cope with. She repeatedly tried telling me, firstly some parts might be on back order. That didnt go down well with me because a. my order stated delivery within 1 to 2 days and b. they never communicated any back order. c. Oh dear, fancy admitting to me that some staff are on holiday! Do they take on relief staff to cope with the busy summer orders? I don’t know if they do, but my obvious suspicion is that they don’t and they are taking on far to many orders that they can manage to despatch! Might be a strong statement from me, but I am just one impatient customer. Anyhow, at least it’s coming tomorrow.

Whilst speaking with this lady, I asked if I should in future ring any orders through as she could then tell me if anything was on "back order". Wow, I just lit a firework I think! She fizzed and but but butted when I talked over her, eventually telling me NO! I should order on internet as that is the quickest way to get your order. The quickest? I asked politely if she was sure as she was clearly overlooking my reasoning. – – – I had first rang to confirm an order that I needed to give serial number on. That person/order number failed me due to somebody’s mistake within the company. I shopped elsewhere in the meantime and told her that! I had however, ordered part of my original order from them, I had ordered online, paid and had an estimated delivery time of 1 to 2 days. This means that the order is at least 2 working days late and that is not counting weekends which some deliveries still work.

So summing up, how important is it to you to receive your order within the stated time?



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