Yet another Boat selling scam!!

I’ve been looking for new boat for a while, I’m in no great hurry so when I can I often trawl the internet to while away the hours in work, Today I seen an advert for a Warrior 175, very tidy looking I thought but with no price detailed, so like you do I emailed the alleged owner to ask what the…

Help converting garmin waypoints

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction on how to convert my garmin waypoints (.adm) file that I have stored on an sd card to a format (.usr) that simrad will read !

I’ve googled only to be led down some paths that won’t work… Any help will be appreciated as I’m banging my head against a wall here .. And it would take days to enter all my waypoints manually !

Cheers martin

window hatch for pilot 590

hi lads i have just got back from the boat having refuelled her and washed her down,, now, my daughter, saw a stream of water pouring through the front hatch in the cabin on closer inspect it looks like the frame has either warped or the rubber seal has vulcanised i suspect the rubber has gone is…

Outboard servicing

Any recommendations of who to use to carry out a service on a mercury 60hp f/s in the Southampton area? Any advice greatly appreciated

Lowrance Elite 5 HDI – Guidance please

Just got new boat on the water which came with above mentioned combi unit.
I have found it far from clear as to exactly how to use this unit and what the Navionics software on my computer is supposed to do – there tech help just seems to want to sell me more stuff!

I have bought a Gold small chart installed it, and it works.
Should it show wreck positions that are shown on Imray charts?
Can I somehow get the charts to show on my PC and put marks etc onto the chart that way? The 5" screen is very small to work on and I need to sit in the boat all night to power it up – or am I missing something else?

Sonar readings were nonsense, but subsequently found that sonar was set to 5m range – now set to auto so hope that fixes that one.

First launch/retrieve achieved without drama and gentle run about getting Suzi run in 🙂

Any help appreciated Thank you

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