getting launce / sandeels

hi all, how do you guys get live launce and sand eels, i know you can sometimes buy them but there isn’t any major bait shops where we are going in Ireland. we want to catch them, we have brought lots of sets of very small feathers with ten on each string of them. the hooks are very small maybe…

boat owners in ramsgate

Hi boats all here all jobs done and mored in ramsgate outer harbour. Wondered if there are any other members here who own a boat in ramsgate marina


S.E.Anglers have a couple of spare places on 15th August out of Newhaven with Sea Leopard. The plan is turbot fishing if winds allow. If the fish don’t want to play or winds prevent a turbot hunt it is likely to become lure fishing on the wrecks.

If you want a place send me contact details in a PM or phone the skipper John on 07957 760063

Sarn Badrig Reef

went to sarn reef last thurs with eldest after the bream but no bream lots of tope huss gurnard mackies and had the welsh dolphins around boat also lots of bait fish gannets dive bombing around dolphins Image: …

Help needed with crab fishing!!

Hello there, im new to all this and am looking for some advise on what I need to do to start crab and lobster fishing with pots.
I would like to know everything ill need. I would like a small boat maybe big enough for two but what kind?
I live on the Solway, Can I lay my pots there?:headhurt:
Can I sell what I catch from say 12 pots?
Is there money to made doing this?
What kind of boat would be good for a few pots and a bit of sea fishing?
I went on a crab fishing boat with a friend and I loved it, I have thought of little else since the trip.

any help would be great.

many thanks


Down Rigger

I am after a little help and if anybody can give me a few tips it would be great. What i am after doing is make my own Downrigger for trolling and i have worked out the basics as its not too hard even for me,but the problem part i am having is trying to find something to use as a line clip. I know…

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