Out of Aberystwyth marina tomorrow for an all dayer!!!

After weeks of blanks – poor show’s and small variaty of fish here and there i am goign to pull an all dayer, leaving on the morning tide returning on the flood in the evening i hope to have a great days fishing going to take on extra fule and really hit to coast hard 🙂 Got more bait than you…

jumping tope?!

Have any of you had a tope that jumps clear out of the water taking a bait or is this quite rare? A pal of mine was bringing his bait in to change it, he was using whole whiting and as he got it to the surface a tope came clear out of the water and took it (i pressume it was a tope). unfortunately he lost the fish because his drag was set tight as he wasnt expecting to get a hit on the surface! i was just wandering if it was a common sight around the coast?

away on the angling holiday of a lifetime

Hi all,
Maybe norway is better but ireland is still great. Me, my dad and my sis and mum are leaving later today with the warrior for 4 weeks of a boat on 100m away from the house just outside our house ready to fish! Hoping for some new species, wil tell you how i get on… With pics. Wont be on here much untill afterwards cause theres not wifi.

Sole Man

Forecast and tide is looking good tomorrow evening and no moon. A couple of hours of hounding before dark is in order then spend the rest of the tide trying to sniff out my first sole of the year. Cue the eels……

chara tomorrow

Anyone know if chara is going out tomorrow ! I’ve got a booking with them but heard a rumour she wasn’t going out because of strong winds,I’ve heard nothing from them an can’t get an answer on the phone or on FB ! Checked the local inshore weather reports which are saying no gusts seas 3 to 4 don’t…

Boat fishing at Eddystone

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone has fished out at the eddystone or hand deeps these last few days and if there are many fish about there at the moment. Got Friday afternoon and night free so considering punching out there for a bash. Thanks guys. Tight lines.

Sunny day out with fish as well

Joined Paul on Osprey for a day on the wrecks (instead of taking both boats to the same wrecks). A lovely calm day offshore on three wrecks south of the Bill.

Paul managed the best Pollock about 12lb and one of his vermin – which probably was 5/6lb. Total for the day was 11 cod mostly around the 4-5lb mark, 9 Pollock, some gurnards and Paul had some of those brown bream things. The cod were caught on tiger twin tails and the Pollock on red/yellow evos or Pauls sonic red tails. A full ice box at the end of the day.

We tried some live scad / macks at slack but something nicked both without taking the hook as well. There were a few porpoise passing through in the afternoon which was good to see.



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How do you mount mackerel as tope bait?

Or a question for you all. When you mount a mackerel flapper as bait for tope how do you hook it? I tend to thread the hook down through the mouth and out of the belly. Most times the hook stands proud but on occasion the point turns back into the belly of the mackerel and leads to dropped fish.

Is there any merit to just hooking the flapper through the top lip in the same way that a live bait would be hooked?

Your input would be greatly appreciated. If the weather holds as forecast for Saturday I plan to have a day targeting tope in Cardigan Bay.



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