"Carp, the other white meat"

As part of a class project for my 5th graders we are routinely feeding easily digestable carp food (corn, winter mix boilies) in different spots on The Genny. Our brown trout dissection was a great success with lots of kids researching fishing instead of video games during computer time. Our plan is to graph weather, water flow, clarity and which foods show up in a few culled fish. I love carpin’ but have never tried this time of year. Any advice is appreciated. As it warms, we will need volunteers to help us fish for our bugle mouths. I will keep you posted. Tomorrow I am running a nonboiled paste feed. Beet powder, crushed star anise, corn and corn flour. It’s my understanding to not over chum this time of year. On a side note, a couple steelies ate my corn baited hair rigs! Nice fish too. Tight lines.

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