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March 26, 2014

Saltwater Inshore, Offshore, Blue Water fishing reports, Freshies Suggestions, and “Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not story! Thanks for Reading!

Fishing statement

To try to insure that fishing stays in the hearts that love it and to help the ones that are going too!

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I (Captain Judy, Captain Kathy, Tubby’s Tank House, Fiddlers, and Historic River Street Inn were fortunate enough to be involved with the premiere show “Anglers and Appetites!” The premiere show will air on Saturday 10: 30 AM March 29, 2014 on Fox Sports South (not sport south) over seven states. (AL, MS, GA, TN, KY, NC, and SC) For those that would like to see the web site and trailer for show go here

It is a show about finding, catching, releasing, and cooking fish! And then there was this big shark that bit David’s …. and then there was Phil thinking of a way to cook it! You don’t want to miss it!

Inshore Fishing Has Taken a Turn!

Well I think the inshore fish having given up on the normal March mid sixties water temperatures, because they proved it this past week. Fishermen caught some really nice whiting while using small pieces of shrimp. Normally, I like to say “When it’s 65 everything is alive!” This means that with the water temperature in the mid sixties all kinds of bites can happen. However, I must change my saying to “When it’s 55 some fish just come alive!” With that being said, “Some fish did come out of hibernation.” So, what’s on tap for the inshore bite….well whiting, red fish, Sheepshead, and occasional spotted sea trout.

The red fish bite had picked up!

Sitter Baits Work

The reason being is that we have had more daylight, lots more sunny than cloudy days, and temperatures have been average. The old red fish prefers feeding during the hottest time of the day and especially loves doing so over a warming mud situation. When you find that you have low tide occurring in mid day and the sun is shining bright this is a winning combination for getting you best chance at catching red fish. The artificial flukes rigged weed less have been working. However, having a change to bait is always a good idea. Dead frozen shrimp with the head removed and threaded on to a hook works great. This bait offers the smell that draws a red fish in. This is not the type of bait that you work it called “sitter bait.” The reason being is you cast our bait into place, just let it sit, and let fish come to you.

The offshore bite has been fabulous with fishermen getting lots of action at artificial reefs, Savannah Snapper Banks, and blue waters of the Gulf Stream.

Near shore artificial reefs (less 50 feet of water) Sheepshead, black drum, and black sea bass

If targeting Sheepshead and black drum purple back fiddlers, clam strips, and bugged out shrimp are you best baits. If you want to do a little black sea bass fishing, you can but, for every 10 you might get a 13 inch keeper.
capt-judy-fishing-report-savannah-3-26 Capt Judy fishing report Savannah 3-26

While fishing with Captain Ken Kennickell and Captain Deidra Jeffcoat Timothy Williams caught the large male black sea bass! A wall hanger for sure!!

Artificial reefs (50 plus feet of water)

The CCA, L Buoy, and J Buoy artificial reefs are holding the interest of some nice black fish and lots of them. The ratio for keeping is about 60/40. More keepers the deeper you go. As far as best baits, cut squid and piece of fresh fillets black sea bass works great. Heck, Captain Deidra even put a piece of chartreuse chewing gum on a hook and caught a fish. So I guess you should save your gum and give that a try! Seriously, once you find the fish the bite is ON!!

As far as top water fish there are lots of little tunny pushing water on the surface. If you like a fight on light tackle this would be the place to start. Best baits are trolled through or cast in to the school is going to be a light tackle king mackerel rig with stinger in tow. As far as what to rig it with I suggest a still frozen Spanish sardine or cigar minnows. You notice I said Frozen, well we haven’t seen any live baits as of yet. However, those little tunnys are feeding on something. If you happen to catch one, open it up, and check its stomach contents out. Once you find out what it is eating “match the hatch” as much as you can. Little tunny don’t make for very good table fare that is unless you are a real good cook with lots of secret ideas. However, once fillet they make great chunk bait for bottom fishing. As far as shark fishing little tunny makes for great big fish catching action. By the way I do have a recipe for little tunny and I would be glad to share…let me know..

capt-judy-fishing-report-savannah-3-26 Capt Judy fishing report Savannah 3-26

Captain Kathy Brown is back from cotton season and is ready to go fish! I love the fish colors of red, orange, gray, and black. And to break that down, we have vermilion snapper, red porgy, triggerfish, and black sea bass. Welcome back Captain Kathy!

Savannah Snapper Banks

The bite is on and the bottom fish are large. We have been doing a lot of catching while using squid and cut fish as bait. We have been catching black sea bass, vermilion snapper, white grunt, porgy, triggerfish, Atlantic sharpnose sharks, flounder, and other biters. It’s basically a mixed bag affair. The bottom line it’s time!

Gulf Stream

A Very Big Wahoo Catching Deal!

Page Boys and fishing friends have done it again!

Captain’s Zane and Brendin Page, Zack Page, Johnny Gold and Chris Stracuzza

Captain Chris Page reports on blue water Gulf Stream trip…..

The three Wahoo weighed in at 97, 76 and 56 lbs. with the bull Mahi weighing 32 lbs. Add in another Mahi and two tuna nearing 20 lbs, I’d have to say, “They made me proud!”

capt-judy-fishing-report-savannah-3-26 Capt Judy fishing report Savannah 3-26

Now this picture tells a great story! And it all boils down to this…Fishing is fun, but when you catch big fish it is even better!!!

The proud Captain Chris Page sent me this story …and it is a good one for sure!!

Our boat has been out of commission for several months now and we were prepping it to put it up for sale. After a recent discussion about the costs related with a newer boat vs maintaining our current boat, we changed our decision to sell and decided to keep our boat and keep fixing it.

During this down time, one of my sons friends asked them to fish a wahoo tournament on his boat. In this tournament you are allowed to fish two days over an eight week period and you have to claim your day by 10:00 the night before.

As this past weekend approached they were constantly checking the wind and wave forecast to see if Saturday would be a day to claim. The team was at odds about fishing Saturday so I offered to let my sons use our boat if they didn’t fish in the tournament boat. I had prior commitments so I told them to get a few extra buddies if they wanted to go. The moon was nearly full and the reports were looking good. All of the indicators were there that it was time to wahoo fish!

At 9:50 Friday night, the captain of the other boat decided they would not be fishing on Saturday. Disappointed but expecting that decision, our boat had already been prepped to go. Two and half hours later my three sons and two of their buddies pulled out of the driveway headed for the ramp on our boat. The last thing I said to them was “Make me proud”.

Saturday morning I went to the ramp and brought the boat trailer back to the house for some much needed maintenance. I figured they would be back with the boat around dark thirty but in the early afternoon my wife’s phone rang and I could hear she was talking to Chris. Who got hurt? Why didn’t they call me? Did they have a big fish? The thoughts were flying through my head as she handed me the phone. At this point Brendin was on the line and he said, “all I can say is triple digit and bring some ice to the ramp”. They were just off the beach and headed for Belle’s Landing boat ramp.

I interviewed everyone on the boat and here is their story.

On board were Captain’s Zane and Brendin Page, Zack Page, Johnny Gold and Chris Stracuzza. Arriving at the South Ledge at daybreak they trolled for several hours and picked up one blackfin tuna. With several other boats working the South Ledge, they decided to work their way North. They picked up a pair of nice mahi and another tuna as they continued North of the Triple Ledge. They weren’t seeing any good weed lines and no bait was seen on top all day.

Chris had been sea sick after just a couple of hours into the trip and he was feeling quite miserable. Anytime a fish hit, he was up and helping because the adrenaline would kick in but soon after each fish was in the box he was back to feeling miserable. When the only rod that was rigged with mono leader started screaming off the reel, the whole boat was on high alert as they were confident it was a wahoo. After some scrambling, Zane worked the rod and finessed the fish to the boat and they gaffed and brought a 50 lb. plus wahoo into the fish box. After all the high fives and chest pounding, they positioned the boat to troll over the same remote stretch of ocean.

All eyes were on the rods as they went over the same spot. As luck would have it, two lines went off at the same time and the fish were moving so fast that they stripped more than half the line off the Shimano 50’s on their first run! At first the guys thought it was one fish that ate two baits but it soon became obvious there were two fish on as they started to swim in different directions. Chris having never caught a wahoo, grabbed the rod closest to him as he watched the line peeling off. Brendin grabbed the other rod and they both just held on as the fish had the reels screaming. Johnny and Zack cleared the remaining lines in the water to try to avoid any tangles but one line had to be cut because it was wrapped around one of the lines with a fish on.

Over the next 30 minutes Zane worked the boat as Chris and Brendin worked the fish. At one point the lines got crossed but with some teamwork with Zack and Johnny, the anglers where able to maneuver around the boat and get the lines freed. Chris’s fish came to the boat first and as Zack grabbed the leader and brought the fish closer to be gaffed, the fish lunged towards the motors, Zack let go of the leader as Chris took over again and worked the fish back to the boat. The second attempt went much better and a second gaff was needed to haul the fish over the side of the boat. This was by far the biggest wahoo brought onto the boat but they still had another big fish on the other line that was getting close to the boat. Zane put the boat on auto-pilot and grabbed the leader of the second fish. Within seconds the fish was gaffed and hauled over the side as well.

I would imagine you could have heard them for miles as the boat erupted in cheers. After lots of pictures and the hootin’ and hollerin’ settled down, the realization set in. There was no place to put the two big fish. The fish box already had a big wahoo, two mahi and two tuna in it. They pulled out the insulated fish bag and it was too short so they also used a sleeping bag to insulate the fish after they were covered in bags of ice. It wasn’t quite lunch time and the boat was loaded with fish. It was an easy decision for them to head for the hill.

The certified scale wasn’t working at Tubby’s so on Sunday we headed to Russo’s Seafood as they agreed to let us use their scale to weigh the fish. Just over 24 hours after catching the big wahoo, it tipped the scale at 97 lbs! Just shy of that triple digit wahoo we’ve been after. The three wahoo weighed in at 97, 76 and 56 lbs. with the bull mahi weighing 32 lbs. Add in another mahi and two tuna nearing 20 lbs, I’d have to say, “They made me proud!”

Captain Chris Page

capt-judy-fishing-report-savannah-3-26 Capt Judy fishing report Savannah 3-26

Page Boys fishing team!

Captain’s Zane and Brendin Page, Zack Page, Johnny Gold and Chris Stracuzza

Freshies Report

Chris Waters had done it again, but it wasn’t in Georgia waters this time. It was in her home town in Tennessee. While fishing in a small tributary off the Tennessee River Chris caught this nice rainbow trout!

capt-judy-fishing-report-savannah-3-26 Capt Judy fishing report Savannah 3-26

Chris Waters is holding up a nice Tennessee River rainbow trout that she caught while fishing an old childhood secret fishing spot. As far as bait, Chris was using a small brown and orange hair jig sometimes referred to as the “head turner!” According to the report the local good ole boys were in state of shock. It turns out that the river rats hadn’t seen a trout like this in years. When I received Chris’s email sporting this picture I have to say, “I wasn’t shocked at all! It seems that every time she charters Captain Matt William’s boat whether it’s with her son or just her fine fishing friends, she always catches fish!”

Bill Vanderford is “Lake Lanier’s Legend!”

Lake Lanier Fishing Secrets Revealed [Kindle Edition]

Bill Vanderford (Author, Photographer)

If you want to go, it’s time to make your spring time plans!

For more about my long time friend Bill Vanderford as well as his accomplishments, his freshwater charter trips or wildlife tours, books written and his special line up of tackle offered, please visit his site for all the details! For more details go

Little Miss Judy Believe It or Not!

capt-judy-fishing-report-savannah-3-26 Capt Judy fishing report Savannah 3-26

Little Miss Judy and her handsome young friend. I think this was Donnie, but not sure. If anyone knows please let me know. I can be contacted 912 897 4921 or my email

What I know about this particular picture..It was taken during Easter time. We both were dressed in our Easter finest apparel. I remember that I always got a new pair of patent leather shoes right before Easter. And from looking at this picture the holiday had just passed on was still on the way! Shoes looked new to me!

A fisherman’s Edge

As I was sitting on my dock this past week I had a wonderful memory. When I was about the age of 5 I received from my father a gift that at the time I didn’t realize how it would affect my life forever. He gave me my own personal boat. She was a beauty. It was a 12” wooden rowboat powered by a 31/2-horse power Evinrude outboard. I had already had plenty of experience or at least as much as a five year old could have in such a short time. I was ready to escape on my own in my own boat on my own time. However, with all good things you get there is always some sort of rules attached.

I can still see daddy pointing that long finger. As he pointed he talked. As we were facing the creek he pointed to the right, which was what would be known from now on as the north part. He told me that I couldn’t go any further than Sasser’s shrimp docks. To the south he pointed and proclaimed that I must not go past the bend in the creek, which was about where Sallie Mood’s dock was located. Heck, I was fine with that. I hadn’t ever been that far by myself anyway. So, no matter what, all of this was the beginnings of a great soon to be adventure. As I look through the eyes of a 60 plus years old I know exactly why my father picked these two designation points for me. I could be seen in both directions while standing on our dock. As child I never once thought that was the reason.

I will never forget my first trip I made to the edge. It was great. It took me a while to get there, which was a good thing. As I rode, holding the steering stick of the engine I could feel the power of the machine that pushed me. As I made my way, I watched for potential fishing and crabbing spots. They were plenty spots in both directions. All I could think was this was going to be a lot of fun and believe me it was.

This all boiled down to one mile of creek and a five year old girl with time to burn. It seems that I closed my eyes and its almost sixty years later! I now navigate my way through hundreds of miles of water on a daily basis with the idea that further out is better. All this boils down to the same thing. I am always trying to “get pass that edge!”

A note of appreciation to my readers!

I would like to take the time to thank all you out there in reading land. I appreciate the calls, letters, and e-mails I have received in regards to my weekly fishing reports and stories about my dad. I never have proclaimed to be a professional writer. However, I do consider myself one heck of a storyteller! For those of you that might worry about me running out of things to write about please don’t worry. I haven’t even touched the surface. The way I look at it is that I had better get it all out and on paper before it is totally lost.

Thanks for reading! Captain Judy

Captain Judy Helmey

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