Bud ‘n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21

3/21/14 Deep Sea Fishing Report in Islamorada

DateFriday, March 21, 2014 at 06:50PM

Fishing will always be fishing. Everyday will be different, andthere’s no guarantees. But I will say, when you book a florida keys fishing charter at Bud n’ Mary’s Marina the captains are the best around and work the hardest. The past few days the weather has been changing like crazy, and each day has been very different. Today was a gorgerous day, and the wind dropped out to nothing! The ocean was very calm, and “glassy”. About 1/2 the boats are still staying on the reef and wrecks, and the other 1/2 are venturing offshore looking for pelagic species. Today was a strange day, because the wind went from the east yesterday, to northwest early this morning, before dying off. The air temperature dropped 8 degrees and the water cooled just a bit. Some of the boats got in on sailfish action today, which was nice to see because there was very few caught amongst the fleet the previous few days. The sailfish were very spread out today, with fish caught from 100′ of water, all the way out to 600′. The Kalex had a great day releasing 4 sails today, the Catch 22 released 3, the Buzz On (previously Pretty Work) released 2, and the Reel McCoy released 1. Further offshore quite a few mahi were found today, but they didnt wan’t to bite! There was some big schools of fish found, but only a couple caught! The big moon and the cooler temperature probably played a roll, but it’s still early in the season to count on mahi, although it’s encouraging that we are finding quite a few migrating fish already. Yesterday there was a few more mahi on the dock, both schoolies (3-5 lbs) and a couple gaffers (10 – 20 lbs). It should only get better the next few weeks for mahi. There’s been a few blackfin tuna offshore as well. Some footballs (2-5 lbs) as well as a few big boys (20 – 28 lbs). Down deep on the bottom there’s been some big amberjack too, in the 25 – 50 lbs range. The “deep dropping” (bottom fishing in 400 – 600′ of water) has been productive too. There’s been lots of blueline tilefish from 3 – 8 lbs, rose porgy’s, a few snowy grouper, and a few yellowedge grouper. The Redfish had a monster 39 lb snowy grouper the other day, and today the Gon Fishin V had his biggest yellowedge grouper ever at 36 lbs! The deep water grouper are open for harvest, unlike the shallow water grouper species. There’s also been a couple wahoo the past week while trolling, not many, but you won’t catch one if you don’t try! Back on the reef the yellowtail snapper have been steady action for the most part, although when the current slacked in certain areas it made it tough. On the bottom there’s been a few big mutton snappers too, The Strictly Business had an 18 lber today, and the Gimme Jimmy had a 16 lber. There’s been some black grouper and goliath grouper released the last few days. The permit are starting to thicken up on the wrecks too, with a couple being caught. The king mackerel have been biting decent too. Most of the fish have been 8 – 20 lbs, but the Strictly Business had a super “smoker” today at 50 lbs! The sharks are also showing up to feast on the spawning amberjack offshore, and on the Bn’M II we released a 450 lb tiger shark yesterday. A few days ago the Catch 22 also released a broadbill swordfish, and missed one other bite. Overall it’s a mixed bag of fish still, and each day has been different, but if you’re open to catch anything, let the guys fish the conditions and they’ll show you a great fishing trip in Islamorada! Call the office to book your charter at 305 664 2461

Capt. Nick Stanczyk
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-1.jpg

Mahi Mahi for the Father Daughter team on the Bn’M II
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-2.jpg

Giant yellowedge grouper from 550′ of water on the Gon Fishin V
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-3.jpg

Super SMOKER king! 50 lber on strictly business

Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-4.jpg

Permit release on the Reel McCoy
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-5.jpg

Yellowtails in the morning and then a little offshore action with 4 nice blackfin tuna to 25 lb and a mahi
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-6.jpg

25 lb wahoo on the Bn’M II
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-7.jpg

Swordfish released and 25 schoolie mah for the catch 22
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-8.jpg

Goliath Grouper release for Buzz On (previously Pretty Work)
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-9.jpg

Monster 39 lb snowy grouper on the Redfish while deep dropping
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-21-10.jpg

Big 450 lb Tiger Shark Released aboard Bn’M II

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