Bud ‘n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13

3/13/14 Backcountry Fishing Report

DateThursday, March 13, 2014 at 03:39PM

We are about to get another mild front, wind was blowing west yesterday and north today. The temperature hadn’t dropped yet so the fishing was pretty good today. Tonight it is suppose to get down to 60 or so, which may slow things down a bit especially for tarpon. The past few days I’ve had good reports. Capt. John Johansen had reported great action throughout the day and good tarpon/shark action in the afternoon on the 10th. Capt. Skip Nielsen has been catching several tarpon as well. He had Brandt Snedeker, pro golfer, fishing for tarpon. He released two big ones. Scott Braco and Steve Arch fished the patches out front and had good action, plus both released nice size permit! Dick Alt and Frank Vecella each released tarpon as well. Capt. Jim Willcox had reported some redfish and snook activity in the everglades today, and the other day he had a nice size goliath grouper and mud marlin. Capt. Ben Ekblom has been having some tarpon activity around town here too fishing mullets. He fished several evenings ago and caught a monster tarpon pictured below! Capt. Bill Bassett also had big mud marlin two days last week, both caught on the bayside of channel 2 oddly enough. He also had some nice mangrove snappers and variety of other fish. Capt. Ken Cohan had two nice tarpon close to home yesterday afternoon. Myself I’ve been focusing on tarpon. We caught 2 nice fish today with the north wind. Yesterday we went 3 for 8, and the day before that we caught 2 out of 3. The fishing has been good and mullet have been around so that helps. The past couple days we also hit the patch reefs midday, and caught plenty of mangrove snappers for dinner and a few nice hogfish each day as well!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-1.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-10.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-9.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-8.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-7.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-6.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-5.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-4.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-3.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-2.jpgBud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-11.jpg

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3/12/14 March Deep Sea Fishing Report

DateWednesday, March 12, 2014 at 07:46PM

It’s almost mid March here Deep Sea Fishing in Islamorada and our offshore boats have been hard at it the past week. The majority of the charter boats are still focusing on fishing the reef, but a few boats have been venturing further “offshore” as well. The bottom fishing has been steady action including drifting for yellowtail snapper with a handful of nice mutton snapper mixed in. The yellowtail average 1 -2 lbs, but sometimes 3 – 4 lbers will give you a good run for your money on the light spinning outfits. The past few months overall we have seen some really nice mutton snapper, and the same thing is true now, with fish from 8 to 18 lbs. Out a little deeper on some of the wrecks there’s been a fair bite of king mackerel, they do take patience sometimes, but if you wait it out there’s been some really nice “smokers” up to 35 lbs. There’s been a couple wahoo the past week while live bait fishing the wrecks as well, they are here and there, but you never know when it will be your turn for them. Inside the reef there’s also still a few schools of cobia, each day a boat or two will hit a school, some being keepers and some releases. The sailfish bite has been slow, but the Reel McCoy did release 1 today. The mahi aren’t here in big numbers yet, but there’s been a handful caught between the boats most days. In the Spring time the blackfin tuna usually get thick on the humps as well, and we are starting to see some, but they should only get better in the next couple of weeks. There’s also been a few amberjack around the humps. Further offshore we were did some daytime swordfishing the last two days. We managed to get 1 bite each of our last 2 trips and kept one fish for dinner and released the other. We also did a little experimenting yesterday on the Bn’M II, taking Richard Stanczyk out in search of golden tilefish. We deep dropped for them, and we found some beautiful fish up to 37 lbs! It was an unbelievable fishing trip and still neat think that someone could fish for 60 years and still have species they haven’t caught before! Give us a call at the marina office at 305 664 2461and we’ll set you up for your fishing trip!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-12.jpg

3 monster golden tilefish caught aboard Bn’M II
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-13.jpg

Big 17 lb mutton snapper on Strictly Business
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-14.jpg

Pack of cobia with a 55 lber on the Gon Fishin V
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-15.jpg

Mahi Suprise on the Bn’M , also an amberjack and a few barracuda
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-16.jpg

Capt. Richard Stanczyk and Capt. Ken Spauling with a 37 lb golden tilefish
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-17.jpg

Happpy kid with a nice mutton snapper on the Fearless
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-18.jpg

Wahoo on the Redfish while live baiting
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-13-19.jpg

Bobby’s first swordfish on the Bn’M II

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