Bud ‘n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12

3/22/14 March Backcountry Fishing Report Islamorada

DateSaturday, March 22, 2014 at 04:25PM

We’ve had a stretch of nice calm weather the last couple days. Before that it was northwest a couple days which was not forecasted and made fishing a little tricky. Fishing has been good overall though with lots of different things being reported. Capt. Mark Hlis said yesterday his anglers caught 4 tarpon on the fly. That’s great fishing! Capt. Bill Bassett also caught 2 out of 5, he also caught a couple bonefish on bait fun-fishing with Capt. Clyde Upchurch. Capt. Chris Daly reported a good bite of redfish, snook, and trout yesterday fishing the skinny in the backcountry. Capt. Ben Ekblom has had some good tarpon action around town here, fishing both during the day and in the evening. He’s been having good luck fishing mullet. Capt. John Johansen has had some shark and tarpon action as of late, his angler caught a large blacktip on fly a couple days ago too. Shark fishing on the fly is lots of fun! On the 19th it was a bit nasty, raindy day with westerly winds. Capt. Skip Nielsen got out there and got a backcountry slam – a 100 lb tarpon, redfish, and snook for Jeff Turner. Capt. Mike Venezia has had some tarpon action as well he got a nice tarpon back on the 18th on a morning trip. Capt. Perry Scuderi had a nice permit today out on the patch reefs, also getting a good mess of mangrove snapper for dinner. Capt. Rick Stanczyk has reported consistent tarpon action both in the backcountry and locally around town. The last several days he has had a couple tarpon to the boat each day. Larger fish are showing up for the spring migration. Last night we had a double header too which was interesting the fish took us into the bridges and both went through different pilings. We leadered one and he broke us off, then went back thru the bridge for the other and got him to the boatside for a proper picture and release. Today we caught two hammerheads as well as several other sharks. We saw several other hammerheads swimming they seem to be showing up good! Yesterday we had a nice cobia off a big nurse shark. Capt. Jeff Beeler also had some tarpon action last night landing a nice one off live mullet. Tuesday and Wednesday evening look to get a little chillier as we have another minor front. We will see what happens, may make the tarpon a little unhappy but should not shut it down!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-1.jpg

Capt. Mike Venezia releasing a nice tarpon caught on live bait
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-2.jpg

Steven Sparano grandson of Outdoor Life’s Vin Sparano releasing big tarpon with Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-3.jpg

Another tarpon released!
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-4.jpg

Capt. Clyde Upchurch poses sideways with a bonefish
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-5.jpg

Capt. Chris Daly’s angler with nice redfish
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-6.jpg

One of two (double header) tarpon at channel 5 bridge, couldn’t get picture of other one!
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-7.jpg

Big tarpon airing it out, photo by Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Bud 'n Marys fishing report, Islamorada 3-12-8.jpg

Hammer head shark, don’t go swimming!

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