browns and stelhead in oswego

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browns-and-stelhead-in-oswego browns and stelhead in oswego

 we started out on the wall Thursday had one hook up for 4 we went by the damn and saw a stelhead about 12 lbs caught .First cast we hooked up with a 20 lb king that was fresh.Then, we hooked up with 5 salmon ,but have dead. Friday, was our last day we went back to were we started on the wall and within  30 mins we hooked up with a 4 pound stelhead. After, that walked the wall and hooked up with a monster stelhead that was 14.6 lbs.Later, that day we saw about 8 9 browns come up into the river. So we found this little eddy and fished it and got one domestic rainbow about 3 lbs  . After that my son  cast a  pink bead off part c wall and hooked up with a beautiful brown and got it . We measured the Brown and it was 32 inches and weighted 15.7 lbs . We  saw a lot of fish swimming up river so you fisherman out there fish are there.     



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