Brothers drown in midnight fishing trip

Brothers drown in midnight fishing trip
Malay Mail – Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

KAMPAR: Two brothers, described as good swimmers and adept at catching fish, drowned on Sunday.

A midnight outing to catch prawns at an abandoned mining pool near their home in Malim Nawar, turned out to be their last.

Roslan Haslam, 21, and Rosnan, 23, died when they slipped and fell into the pool named Lombong Morib.

As their family kept vigil at the pond, a search and rescue team found their bodies yesterday.

Roslan’s body was found among some debris at 7.45am and his brother’s body, about five hours later.

Met at the family’s home in Kampung Malim Dewan, Malim Nawar, the victims’ father, lorry driver Haslam Gulam was inconsolable.

“I cannot believe such a thing could happen to them. They were both good swimmers,” he said in between sobs.

Haslam, 49, said the last he saw of his two sons was when they left with an uncle, Mohd Radzi Ariffin.

“They were watching television with me when Radzi asked them if they wanted to join him in catching prawns,” he said.

Haslam said his sons were adept at catching prawns and fish.

Haslam said he was shocked when about 30 minutes after they had left for Lombong Morib about midnight, a panicky Mohd Radzi returned.


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