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Anglers renewed their interest in the water this week, but the rivers are still high and swift. Saltwater anglers must watch for floating trees and other debris as they motor their boats in the riverine harbors and tidal rivers. Sweetwater fishers looking for trout in the smaller streams should use wading staffs and cleats to fight the swift water. It is best to stay clear of the Connecticut, Housatonic, Thames and Shetucket rivers for another week as the water levels slowly recede.

The state Department of Environmental Protection stocked both the Naugatuck and Shetucket rivers with surplus Atlantic salmon broodstock last week. Although the heavy river flows make fishing difficult, the DEP was forced to release the fish to clear the salmon hatchery. Holding these fish in the hatchery for better stocking conditions would have interfered with the ongoing breeding operations.

The broodstock Atlantic salmon are three to four years old and weigh between two and 15 pounds. Salmon hunters braving the high water are reminded that angling for Atlantic salmon is restricted to catch and release until Dec. 1. All Atlantic salmon must be immediately returned to the water.

New for this year, anglers may pursue other fish species in the designated Atlantic salmon broodstock areas. In the past, fishing for trout and smallmouth bass was prohibited during the salmon season. The Naugatuck River salmon stocking areas are between the Route 118 Bridge and the Thomaston Dam and between the Prospect Street Bridge in Naugatuck and the Pines Road Bridge in Beacon Falls.

Most saltwater anglers were forced to stay near port because of the wind. Wednesday, when the wind finally subsided, striped bass

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