Bream Fishing Virginia USA

Virginia’s Best Bream Fishing Every corner of Virginia has a great bream water, and with it comes a chance to fill a stringer or cooler with a great meal. Here are some top spots across the state.
By Mark Fike

The sweet smell of fresh spring wildflowers and the sudden disappearance of your float marks the arrival of spring. Bream fishing is where it all started for most of us as anglers. Whether your approach involves a bait covered hook and a float or finessing a popper along the surface, there are plenty of destinations for you to enjoy successful trips on the water this year in search of bream. You might just find it as fun as you did when you were a kid.

The tidewater region’s slower moving rivers, tidal surges and brackish waters includes the state’s leading producer of citation-sized bream: Lake Prince.

One of the older impoundments in Virginia, Prince is located in Suffolk. The 777-acre lake is 30 feet deep in places and has been a consistent water for bluegill for a number of years.

Virginia Game and Fish Magazine – VA,USA

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