Branson’s Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report

Branson’s Lake Taneycomo Fishing Report for July 10, 2005 – General Comments: This week the water generation pattern was off early in the morning on later in afternoon and into the night. For wade fishing I would still get on the water as early as possible.

Very little affects the fishing on Lake Taneycomo like the generation of power at the Table Rock Dam. Call 417-336-5083 for up to the moment information on generation and lake levels

Trophy Trout Area: Special Regulations apply to the Trophy Trout Area running from Table Rock Dam to the mouth of Fall Creek. Click here for an overview of these regulations.

Gary’s Comments – Ju1 10 The water has been off in the morning and most of the early afternoons this week. For me at least, on a couple of days this week, the fishing has been tough. As an example, on Jul. 6, I fished for four hours between 0600 and 1000 and caught only 6-8 fish. I used the 100th ounce Olive Bassnapper Jig, River Run Peach Furbug, and the size 16 Red Bead Head Midge from Gary’s Big Four along with various other midges but could find no pattern.

Yet, my neighbor Howard Couch, his son Chris, and his grandson caught 25-40 fish during the same period of time by just sticking to the only thing I didn’t try from Gary’s Big Four, the 100th ounce White Thread jig.

On Jul 9 I fished from about 0615 to 0800 with Duane McCammon, Mac. We probably caught about 20 fish between us with Mac catching most of them on a size 16 Red Bead Head Midge. After I dropped Mac off at the Point Royale I tied on a size 18 the Zebra Rust Midge with a Copper Bead Head and copper ribbing Rust Midge and caught about 5-7 in about 30 minutes on the way back down to the dock.

For what it’s worth, whether using a fly rod or spinning rod the terminal end of each is rigged the same way, a 6 foot leader made up of 2 feet of Orvis Mirage 4x tippet and 4 feet of the same tippet in 6x. The indicator is pegged into the 4x and adjusted as needed for depth. The typical depth we fish is about 4 to 4 ½ feet.

Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing By Chartered Waters Guide Service and Fly Shop .-For the latest fishing report click here.

Guide Bob Klein of “Bob’s Guide Service” – Jun24- Reported no change from last report. Fishing is fishing good to excellent. From Fall Creek to Short Creek use night crawlers and minnows. From Short Creek to Branson drift bubblegum and white power bait or night crawlers. From Branson to Rockaway Beach drift bubblegum power bait. As always, the following standard default techniques are producing fish:

Water Off Conditions (not generating power from Table Rock Dam) – Air injected night crawlers or Orange and Chartreuse Power Eggs, with the Chartreuse on shank of hook and the Orange on tip. Fish them off the bottom with no heavier than 4 pound leader, size 8 or smaller hooks, and just enough split shot to cast. Place the shot so that the bait floats 12-18 inches off the bottom. Spin-A-Lures and Little Cleos have been working well.

Water On Conditions – Orange and Chartreuse Power eggs with the Chartreuse on shank of hook and the Orange on tip, white Power Eggs, bubble gum power bait, or inflated night crawlers bounced off the bottom using the standard “Lake Taneycomo Drift Rig.” which is readily available at all Marinas and most resorts on the Lake.

An excellent place to get your Lake Taneycomo Questions answered, or any question relating to the fishing and other outdoor topics in the Branson area, is the “Branson Outdoors Activities Forum” which is monitored by your editor and other local outdoor enthusiasts

By Gary Groman aka The Ole Seagull, Editor

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