Braddocks Bay Area 7/25/14

Took a friend from the fire department fishing for his 1st salmon trip. We were in the water by 7:30 and we headed out where we saw 2 boats. He caught his 1st fish around 8am (225 FOW, west troll, NBK SD, Sweat Pea Fly, 70′ rigger). I would say high teen or maybe low 20 king (bigger than the one in the picture). Released that fish. 2nd fish was at 9:36 (200 FOW, east troll, 210′ wire, clear dipsey 2.5 setting, white crush SD, Hammer fly). Kept that fish cause I didn’t think he would live (pic below). 1 small rainbow around 11am (150 FOW, south troll, Mtn Dew SD, purple fly, 65 rigger). Released at the boat.


I was just happy to be out fishing for the 1st time in 2 years and happy my buddy caught some fish. Thanks to all those that replied on my previous post about where to start today.




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