Bolt rigs, angling or catching fish?

Never been fond of the idea of bolt rigs, angling or catching fish? Izzak Walton or Izza must catch a fish at all costs?
I used to do a bit of long lining, was I fishing or just laying a trap?
If I anchored a lay line down with 50 baited hooks in the river, went back 12 hours later, attached a big rod and reel to the end of it and reeled the whole lot in and found a record roach on it, could I claim a record? Caught with rod and line fair and square.! Or was it? caught a fish for sure, did I angle for it?

Should we not just give them a bit of a chance, use our 5 senses to catch them, sight, hearing, touch etc. Is it not verging on just laying a trap instead of fishing?

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