Benefits of Fly Fishing for Steelhead

Hey everyone,

I love travelling around Southwestern Ontario here in Canada to river fish for steelhead in Spring and Fall. I’m still relatively new to it, have only been doing it for 2-3 years and have been fly fishing for 2 seasons now. It’s getting to the point that with the money and time invested, I should choose between either float/centerpin fishing for them or fly fishing for them. That way I can spend all my time doing one style and get more skilled.

Enjoyment and subjective reasons aside, are there any true benefits that fly fishing has over centerpin fishing for steelhead? I know they say a drag-free centerpin drift is the most effective and "deadly" way to catch them. Most people on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes region seem to centerpin and it’s nice to have that in common with the people you’re fishing around. Does fly fishing have important unique benefits as well? I love the idea of fly fishing, and while it seems harder and maybe somewhat less productive, I just want to hear some arguments in support of fly fishing. By the way I should add that for the foreseeable future I probably will not be tying my own flies (don’t have the time).

Thanks! Can’t wait to hear back.

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