Bassmaster C’mon Man – (press release)

For some reason this is more irritating than funny.  This is the pinnacle of bass fishing and they don’t have the oversight to get these details correct?!?!  This is just from today on the St John’s…

jones_7 Bassmaster C'mon Man - (press release)

This was originally titled Alton with 7lber for most of the day.  Clearly this is not Alton but Dean Rojas.  The caption was changed later, but the image is still titled jones_7.jpg.  Since his marshall took the photo I wonder if he was calling Dean, Alton all day or if this was a blogger’s mistake.

jones_7 Bassmaster C'mon Man - (press release)

And sifting through the weigh in photos I found this one that had me shaking my head.  Is it $500 or $550?

I’m sure there are more, but C’MON BASSMASTER!

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