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Smallmouth Bass caught on the Missouri River i...

Smallmouth Bass caught on the Missouri River in Niobrara, NE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With many catch-and-release Bass fishing tournaments that take place, one has to wonder how the fish deal with such commotion. A team of researchers at Lake Champlain Sea Grant has found it does indeed stress out the fish, and it can take them months to recover.

The bass fish tend to stockpile, or stay near to, where they are released. Eventually over time the fish will swim toward their original habitats, but sometimes these shallow-water fish have a hard time returning home.

Sometimes water temperature is a problem where they are released. In warmer areas like the South, it is not uncommon to see up to a 50% mortality rate. It is hoped with this research catch-and-release tournaments can continued to be carried out cautiously, since they are a huge economic driver.

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