Bass Fishing Show by Mike de Avila

Award Winning Bass Fishing Show Starts Producing Season Two
The award winning bass fishing program hosted by by Mike de Avila , one half of the duo of Goldman and de Avila, owners of the film and video production company Rockville Pictures Inc based in New York, is lining up for season two. This upcoming season is gearing up to be more informative and entertaining than before, with a few surprises that are sure to be a hit with viewers.

“Lunkerville” is currently shooting season two that will air on the “Sportsman Channel”. The weekly fishing program showcases local bass fisherman reeling in big bass at their favorite honey hole. Unlike other bass fishing shows, “Lunkerville” examines time tested techniques and secret spots that are favored by these homegrown experts.

“We are thrilled to be shooting our second season of “Lunkerville”. With the support of our national audience we look forward to producing this second season that will prove to be more exciting than last season.” said Mike de Avila.
Press Trust (press release) – Bombay,India

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