Bass Fishing In The Philippines – (press release)

Finally got  a chance to go back to Philippines for a vacation and family reunion.

Stayed half of the time in Makati, boy the whole place changed after 15 years.  I could easily get lost here.

Finally got to my sister’s rest house in Caliraya Lake at Laguna.

The road to the place


I had a great time.  The weather is Caliraya is fantastic.  It’s more of a rain forest setting,  drizzle in the morning for half an hour and the sun comes out to brighten the day.  It’s always windy and the breeze cools the air.      


The house is between waters from the west and the east side.





I got at least six black bass during my stay there. Most of them are caught in weightless 5″ senko and 5″ YUM worm.  I tried all types of topwater lure to get a mud fish/snake head family but would not get them to bite.  I actually have not spotted any.



I think I found a place to retire:


Thanks for reading :)

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