Bad news, good news?

Earlier in the season we really started to gather some momentum, picking up fish on different marks and plucking over 30 from one particular spot having worked out the optimum tides and feeding times.

However, as seems to be the case with everyone else, the fishing slowly started to nosedive and after a 16 hour all night session, including our prolific mark last night, without a touch, a new low has been hit.

Thing is it’s not just the bass that have gone, we have places where mullet and trout splash around in numbers, marks where huge quantities of bait line the rocks during the flooding tide and mackerel smash them into the rocks, they are all dead as a dodo, it’s like winter has returned.

It would be easy to blame netters and overfishing but IN MY OPINION it isn’t just them as how would that effect the other things?

So, its dire isn’t it? literally thousands wasted on cars, fuel, missis annoyed, boss annoyed, tired all the time and all for a big fat nothing.

Well I disagree, if the fishery is to cock due to inordinate climate (first record storms, now boiling calm weather) and the bass have gone elsewhere it’s not just us lure guys that our feeling it now and as mark333 says, a bad year for the fishermen, good year for the Bass. If it takes a barren year, or two, or three, to help the spiky fellows long term then I for one don’t mind flogging a dead horse for a bit.

Opinions please, I may be off the mark but I have been out over 70 times over the past 2 years and this is what I believe, or is it want to believe.

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