Back to Back, Stuart

Slid out on the 61 the last two days… Yesterday we blistered the blackfins with what was probably the highest count of my career. We decked 25 and let that many or more go. Added two record class little tunny, a skipjack and a sailfish to round it all off.
Today we weren’t looking for tuna but they found us. We had black and yellow fins and skippies and a slob oceanic in short order before we even had the spread fully deployed… Brutal heat and slick calm had the owner wanting to make it a short day. I was pointed toward the pilings and not paying attention when the boss saw a sail sneak into the spread and bowed him up. I never saw it coming til it was in the air… I hang my head in shame. Still made for a neat day… Two in a row.

First day I worked for him he told me he has his eye on a 68 and today he came up with a game plan to make it happen. We have a couple more local trips lined up then mid August we’re gonna put this boat in the yard for a full 100% interior retrofit and finish up other projects I’ve been involved with and waiting on pros with proper skills and tools to complete. This is where the retainer I’m on gets good. Basically that gives me six weeks off with pay and allows me to make myself available for the Mid Atlantic and any other canyon, mud hole or just plain Jersey work I can dig up… back-to-back-stuart Back to Back, Stuart

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