Autumn the best time for fishing?

The water tables aren’t quite topped up so you go expecting a good flow only to find it’s still low plus it’s gin clear from the cold nights. With this clear water usually comes hordes of minnow smashing anything in sight. Also there’s the leaves which impede the cast with your bait almost nailed on to pick out any leaf on the surface, I can imagine they’re also a pain to those who fish static baits too hitting the line masking the hook bait etc.

Specimen hunters always go on about it being a good time of year for big fish but is it really? Most of my big roach and barbel have come after the new year when winter is well set in. Tench can switch off completely and still waters can get right temperamental after the first frosts.

So is Autumn really that good, better say than Feb/Mar? I know which I prefer

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