As Kokanee Season Slows…

I am looking to get some more trout fishing in since the kokanee season is slow, I understand this is a kokanee forum, but if you guys have any recommendation for some good setups for trout I’d love to hear it, or if you have pictures even better!

Now days there are so many options, but not always a clear way to go about things.

I’ve heard kwikfish are good, I’ve only fished a firetiger one with no other gear on it. Got a good hit but it spit it out. I heard that people fish these behind a laketroll/flasher setup. And tip them with 1/4 of a nightcrawler.

I have some rapala lures, firetiger / blue&silver jointed J-9 scatters, caught a nice one on this one, but not much action on it. – Again tipped with 1/4 night crawler

I’ve never fished spoons, not sure how to, to be completely honest, not sure if I need to fish with scent, bait, or just the spoon itself. Or what size of spoon to use.

Any lure recommendations you guys can throw my way? Do you fish with lake trolls in front of these lures, if so any specific ones you recommend that don’t have too much drag?

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