Any Garmin experts in the Newhaven area?

I recently fitted a Garmin Autopilot to my QS640, and at present it is running as a standalone unit (and not working very well). It will hold a straight line for a little while and then go off course. I have a Garmin 4012 plotter and was wondering if it was connected to the network with the plotter if it would be more likely to stay on course?
It has been suggested to me to get in touch with a certain Brighton firm, but after they screwed up fitting a Raymarine autopilot previously to the boat I am very reluctant.
Is there anyone in the Newhaven area that could check over the fitting of it, connect it to the network and set it up properly for me? Obviously I know it will cost me, but after spending £2k on it I need to have it working:cc_surren

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