An interesting read.

When not fishing, I tend to armchair fish. Laptop and armchair instead of boat and rod. Channel Geology, Fish species habits, Catch landings, Commercial fishing Methods, and probably the most useful I have found so far The Rampion Windfarm Sonar and Geology Seabed Surveys. Lot’s of information available to all. Occasionally a little Gem of information comes along. A post by the skipper of "DEFIANCE" out of Brighton, of an article written by an Eric Smith a local Seasearch Co-ordinator.
I think what he says about the Trawlers is something we all presume is happening, His article simply confirms this.
But the most interesting and surprising part of the article is the relationship between the Undulate Rays and the nesting Bream! Inshore Trawling – Eric Smith
Thank you to the skipper of the charter boat DEFIANCE for posting the article on his excellent website.

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