Amur FIshing Banned by Khabarovsk authorities

Khabarovsk authorities ban fishing in Amur

KHABAROVSK — Authorities in the Khabarovsk Territory, Russia’s Far East, have imposed a ban on fishing in River Amur and its estuary for fear of poisoning after an incident at a Chinese chemical plant where toxic substances leaked into the Sungari river, the main tributary of the Amur.

news_img_2709965_0006 Amur FIshing Banned by Khabarovsk authorities

The ban will remain in effect “until the completion of all work to assess the impact of chemical contamination of the Amur on the consumer properties of fish,” a resolution signed by Khabarovsk Governor Viktor Ishayev said.

Special warning billboards are being set up in areas where fish winters out, along ice trails, and in mass recreational places. Mass media will also warn the population against fishing and eating fish.

Control will be increased over trade and fish processing. The sale and processing of fish procured in the Amur and its estuary have been banned since December 10.

The Ministry of the Environment, the Institute of Water and Ecological Problems of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Amur Basin Department for the Preservation and Reproduction of Water Bioresources, and other agencies have been advised to submit their damage assessment reports.

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