Alsea River salmon advise

Hi all, I will be getting up early early tomorrow and making the trek to the Alsea river from Eugene for the first time ever. My plan is to bobber fish eggs and tuna balls. High tide tomorrow is around 8AM so I will try to get there at least an hour early in order to explore and find a decent spot to bobber fish. From my research I have decided to check out Don Lindly Park at mile 7 Hwy 34 because I think it is still in the tidewater area and there my be some fish moving in who want to eat eggs around high tide. The river level is only a little over 2′ right now so I think I need to focus on fish riding the high tide in. I’m not too interested in going down to the bay and hucking spinners because I don’t have any lures and I’d love to catch one on eggs in the river if possible. Other areas I may be interested in looking at are Mike Bauer Wayside, Blackberry Campground, the Barclay hole, and Rock Crusher Hole. If anybody has any advice they are willing to share, I’d would greatly appreciate it. If you think I’d be wasting my time due to the low water, or if you think it’s a great idea, please let me know! Is there another river that I should be focusing on?… Thanks guys and gals :thumb:

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