A Snowbird Flew South! – BassResource.com (press release)

Sorry I’ve been away folks but it’s not because I was fishing ALL the time, I was running and doing my chores ;) After the Classic, I headed to Florida and fished with a good friend Ray Van Horn to test one of my new baits on the inshore fish… It was a blast as we caught Reds Snook, Trout and Bass on it over a three day period.

Soon as I returned, Shane J flew in from New Hampshire to catch me on the water… Good thing he did too cause I needed help getting in the boat… Getting too old for this :) We had some extreme weather with cold and wind, and it was so bad that I speared a wave in my 21ft Skeeter I-Class. Shane took it right on the chin and smiled with the boat FULL of water :) It broke the trolling motor mount and a rod strap, plus it drowned my I Phone… He said that was his FIRST and I said “How’d you like it ;)

We never got completely dry or warm but we were able to find a few Studdettes and the one he caught here trashed a Smokin Rooster in 8ft water on a brushy timberline.

Between scheduled events, I rarely get to plan my fun fishing anymore so I’ll take it when I can, LOL. Hope some of you Northern friends are seeing signs of a Spring thaw and hope to see some of you at the Roadtrip! Now I’m going FUN Fishing again… WOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


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