A few fish out from Portland

  • Saw Monday’s forecast was good, spring tide so went to Lulworth as the Shambles was very murky last week on a neap tide. Anchored up in 85 feet of water just as the tide was turning. water quite clear to start but no fish. As the tide picked up more the water went brown with sediment. This was the start of the fish – was using squid with mackeral wrap down tide and just squid uptide. Had 2 conger to 20-25lb, 1 bull huss just under 9lb, a thornback that went 8 1/4 on the downtide and 3 spotted rays on the uptide. Plus of course some dogs, 1 whiting and 1 jumbo pout. The wind picked up just as the tide slackened in the afternoon so back before the boat was pushed up the rope.



  • sea fishing – lifetime species – thornback ray, cod, whiting, red gurnard, mackerel, pollock, pout, dab, plaice, flounder, doggie, octopus, bass, red gurnard, cuckoo wrasse, launce, red spotted leopard goby, poor cod, coalie.

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