8′ to 10′ ???

"would go thru any sea had her out in 8-10 seas during the 08′ tuna bite off Chatham. She handled a following sea fine. The maintenance on the engine’s was tight but there was enough room to do anything you need"

a 25′ boat in 8-10′ seas ?? I read this on another web site…where do these people come up with this stuff at ?? seriously ?? the boat was a 25 luhrs – not know for the best ride,construction or speed…

I’ve had clients ask me what’s wrong with their boat – they believe something was wrong,due to them not being able to do with their’s what others have claimed.i explain,point blank – there’s no problem,those claims are false ! exagerations !

I read a gentleman claiming his 23 potter built sea craft scepter could run 18/19 kts in a solid 4-6′ head sea – I have a potter built 23 sea craft – I can tell you first hand,that will NEVER happen !!

I shake my head when I read these claims…seriously,where do these guys dream this up at ??? there’s a huge difference between a swell and a wave – wind driven waves on top a swell…a 5 second wave period and a 12second period are very different things

speed is another exaggeration point – some people use "knots" other’s used "miles per hour" – big difference !

bottom line :

NEVER believe a boat owner when he/she states the speed of his boat,or the ride quality….

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