Fly fishing trip casts out

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The first ever Gonzaga Outdoors sponsored fly fishing trip cost only $20 for students.

With fall here and the color of leaves changing, the three-day weekend of Oct. 15-17, is a perfect for spending on the St. Joe River.

Gonzaga Outdoors, in conjunction with the fly-casting group, will be heading to Idaho with a van full of 14 students for two days of fishing and one night of camping.

The group will leave early on Saturday for the 3-hour van ride. Participants will then return to campus on Sunday–the time is tentative depending on how good the fishing is. The St. Joe River is filled with rainbow and cut-throat fish.

“Thanks to the group of fly-casters we were able to get a good response of interested students and we are excited to help the fly-casters along,” Ryan Appell, employee at Gonzaga Outdoors, said.

This is the first year Gonzaga Outdoors has put on a fly-fishing trip and it has proved to meet a desire of the student body. The trip filled quickly due to the low cost of $20 (includes transportation and food) and the opportunity to meet students with a similar interest in the outdoors and fishing.

By spring, the fly-casters group will become an official club. According to Andy Kimbrel, president of the fly-casters, the group was expecting to be a club last year but ran into various unexpected paperwork problems.

Kimbrel has been fly-fishing for six years and is a fan of the St. Joe River. He’s high on the fishing there.

“Really good, there are lots of fish and within two days you can catch 80 fish. It’s a beautiful area,” Kimbrel said.

The majority of participants are avid fly-casters; a few are beginners. Gonzaga Outdoors is providing rods and instruction for the beginners. For those who want to rent fly rods, the cost is $10, with a $30 deposit.

For those interested in joining the fly-casters, there is a sign-up sheet in the Outdoors office in the basement of Crosby. Another option is to contact Kimbrel or Cory Luoma, co-director of Gonzaga Outdoors
By Stacey Peterson

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