Bass Fishing 16lb 1/4oz UK

Bass Fishing 16lb 1/4oz UK – Kai and me went fishing to a rock mark in folkestone last nite,we got there for low water and fished it up things were slow we only had 1 dogfish and 1 eel.Just before high tide Kai got a good bite on mackie fillet ,it took some time to get it to the shore i had to go in the water as Kai was having trouble beaching it, it was a bass of about 17lb.When weighed it was 16lb 1/4oz 9hrs after it was caught.Got a pic can some one help me get it on? Kai had 1 more bass of 2 3/4lb .We stopped fishing at 4am because we ran out of bait.

DSCN4214 Bass Fishing 16lb 1/4oz UK

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