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Thought I should make my 3000th post a good one so I’ll do a giveaway. All you have to post is “I’m in”. I will pick a winner on Friday at 10:00pm. Winner will get their choice of one of the following.

Cordell Sea Hag

Pair of Creek Chub Pikies

Unknown Flaptail (Heddon copy)

Good Luck. And to all the friends I’ve made here I’d like to say thanks and anyone I may have pissed off over the years let’s start over, sorry if I was an jackass.


OK I did the random number generator and the following post numbers came out.

109 – Tradrodz (gets 1st pick)

77 – Bluefishmaster (Gets next pick)

2 – 612Fisherman (Gets what’s left)

TradRodz please choose which plug you want and post it here and send Bluefishmaster a PM to tell him to pick and post here and 612Fisherman just PM me your address so I can send you the remaining plug(s).

Thanks everyone who participated and all the well wishes hopefully we can all fish soon.

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