3000 Post Giveaway Winners


Originally Posted by MorningWood 3000-post-giveaway-winners 3000 Post Giveaway Winners

Thought I should make my 3000th post a good one so I’ll do a giveaway. All you have to post is “I’m in”. I will pick a winner on Friday at 10:00pm. Winner will get their choice of one of the following.

Cordell Sea Hag
3000-post-giveaway-winners 3000 Post Giveaway Winners

Pair of Creek Chub Pikies
3000-post-giveaway-winners 3000 Post Giveaway Winners

Unknown Flaptail (Heddon copy)
3000-post-giveaway-winners 3000 Post Giveaway Winners

Good Luck. And to all the friends I’ve made here I’d like to say thanks and anyone I may have pissed off over the years let’s start over, sorry if I was an jackass.


OK I did the random number generator and the following post numbers came out.

109 – Tradrodz (gets 1st pick)

77 – Bluefishmaster (Gets next pick)

2 – 612Fisherman (Gets what’s left)

TradRodz please choose which plug you want and post it here and send Bluefishmaster a PM to tell him to pick and post here and 612Fisherman just PM me your address so I can send you the remaining plug(s).

Thanks everyone who participated and all the well wishes hopefully we can all fish soon.

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