10 Patrol Boats to Boost War On Illegal Fishing

10 Patrol Boats to Boost War On Illegal Fishing
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Ten surveillance boats will bought for use in patrolling the country’s waters and in the fight against illegal fishing.

The move is expected to save the country millions of shillings suspected to be lost annually through illegal fishing by international trawlers.

Livestock and Fisheries Development minister Joseph Munyao announced yesterday that the Government would acquire 10 surveillance boats to patrol Lake Victoria and the Kenyan coastline.

“The ministry’s goal is to see the fisheries sub-sector increase export earnings from the current Sh4 billion to Sh8 billion in the next couple of years,” he said.

Mr Munyao said three boats had been delivered and they would be commissioned soon.

The acquisition of the boats would also ensure there were sufficient fish stocks for local and export markets, said the minister.

I call upon fishing communities, particularly those around Lake Victoria, to use correct fishing gear that does not catch breeding stocks and juvenile fish, said Mr Munyao. His ministry was currently finalising a policy on fisheries and would shortly prepare a sessional paper for presentation to Parliament, he said.


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